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Apprenticeships for Freelance Writers: A Win-Win for Companies and Talent
By Victoria Heckstall | December 18, 2015

Apprenticeships are beneficial to both parties of writers and employers. Read this article to find out why, and how to take advantage.

7 Stats That Will Make You Rethink Your Document Management Strategy
By Mikita Mikado | December 07, 2015

Is your system for document management outdated? Here are some statistics that will make you reconsider your current system.

International Calling Costs: Everything You Need to Know
By Marc Prosser | November 25, 2015

All the details on international calling costs and how you can reduce them

Trim the Fat: 3 Easy Ways To Cut Office Expenses
By AJ Agrawal | November 13, 2015

Have you found yourself a little over budget for the year? Make these simple changes in your office to save some cash.

Tips and Tools for Choosing the Right Content Writer for Your Business
By Julie Petersen | November 10, 2015

Needing to hire a content writer for your business? Here are some things to consider before starting your search.

Want Your Employees to Be More Productive? It’s Time to Redecorate
By Tom Drake | October 29, 2015

Business owners routinely try to think of ways to boost worker productivity, but might be missing out on a simple solution: redecorating.

The Death of the Workday: Is 9 to 5 Working Obsolete?
By Matt Byrom | October 07, 2015

Is the 9 to 5 working model still relevant—and does it have a future? Or are technical and cultural changes slowly rendering it obsolete?

Is It Time to Hang Up? Why VoIP Providers are Losing Customers
By Tony Campbell | September 25, 2015

Trying to select the best VoIP solution for your business? Find out why a provider might be losing customers before you become one.

Applicant, Beware! The 10 Biggest Lies Headhunters Tell You
By Suzanne Lucas | September 16, 2015

Headhunters stand to make a pretty penny off of getting you hired, so they try all sorts of tactics to get you excited. Watch for these 10!

5 Really Good Reasons You Should Re-Think Your Open Door Policy
By Matthew Toren | August 26, 2015

An open-door policy is great in theory, but could it be killing your productivity?