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Super Sneaky Recruiting Tips You've Never Considered
By Sarah Landrum | August 20, 2015

Looking for your next star performer? Try these cunning ways to track down the people you want and have them accept your job offer.

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Game-Changing Software Solutions to Power Your Startup
By Scott Gerber | July 20, 2015

These software options cover your customer service base.

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Can I Use Your Face to Sell My Product? Understanding Right of Publicity Laws
By Daliah Saper | July 15, 2015

Before using a person's image for financial or commercial benefit, know what Right of Publicity is and how it can affect your business.

The Future of Work: Freelancing Goes From Rags to Riches
By Nik Badminton, Futurist and Growth Consultant | June 17, 2015

The Contingent Workforce is Growing and Opportunity Abounds for All

The Hidden Ways Gender Bias Can Sabotage Recruitment
By Robyn Melhuish | May 27, 2015

The job search is a game, and everyone approaches it with a different strategy, and gender can impact the search in ways you don't realize.

Myers-Briggs & Office Design: How to Satisfy The Needs of Different Personalities
By Lee Parsons | May 22, 2015

Whether you are looking to revive your office interior design, or are considering a whole office relocation, focus on personality types.

Hang It Up: Why You Should Get Rid Of Your Existing Phone System
By Marc Prosser | April 27, 2015

It's time to ditch your existing phone systems. VoIP technology offers SMBs lower costs and often better features than traditional phones.