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3 Reasons Why Small Businesses Still Need a Social Media Presence
By Deborah Sweeney | August 09, 2018

Considering pausing your social presence? Here's why it still counts for small business.

UN's Sustainable Development Goals for Small Businesses
By Carlyann Edwards | August 07, 2018

The hope is to have all people, governments and businesses following the agenda by 2030.

10 Ways Content from Influencers Helps Your Business Grow
By Shane Barker | July 04, 2018

Influencers can play a crucial role in your marketing success.

5 Strategies for Building Brand Trust Through Video
By Joe Forte | June 20, 2018

Video marketing is about more than gaining product exposure.

Are You Telling the Right Story About Your Brand?
By Roy Morejon | May 16, 2018

Here's how to identify and share the right story about your brand.

What is Influencer Marketing and How Does it Drive Sales?
By Albizu Garcia | April 05, 2018

Influencer marketing is word-of-mouth for the social media age. Here's how to use it.

How Color Can Impact Your Restaurant
By Matt D'Angelo | December 07, 2017

Color plays as important a role as sound in building a restaurant atmosphere.

The Face of Your Brand: Product Label Design Tips to Help You Attract Customers
By Jan Lehigh | October 30, 2015

How can your product stand out amongst its competitors? Here are tips on label design that will be sure to attract more customers.

Make It Memorable: Tips for Creating an Effective Brand Name
By Larry Alton | October 19, 2015

For a new business, creating and effectively marketing a new brand name is one of the most challenging aspects of starting a business.

How to Build Brand Advocacy in 5 Simple Steps
By Sara Flick | January 16, 2015

Brand advocacy is far more valuable than anything your brand can buy. Here's how to get your customers to sing your praises in 5 easy steps.